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Millionaire Shortbread! [Chocolate Caramel Shortbread]

Chocolate caramel shortbead. One of the best things ever to be invented in Scotland, and more commonly known as Millionaire Shortbread.  

This is one of my mum's favourites and now because of this recipe, it's one of my favourite's too! It's so delicious and dangerously addictive. 
What's not to love? A crumbly shortbread bottom, sweet gooey caramel and sweet decadent chocolate. Mmm-mm-mmm. 

And it's all so easy to make! I completely forgot to take a picture of the shortbread but you just mix everything together, press it down into the tin and then bake for 25 minutes. [I'll put the full recipe at the bottom of this post]. Next, make the caramel. 
This bit is only 'hard' because you have to stir it constantly. But that's only for about 10 minutes. Pour it over the shortbread and then let it chill till it's firm. 

Next, melt the chocolate and pour it over...

... and then let it cool again till it's firm. 

I can't imagine how amazing …

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