Thursday, 10 April 2014

Food Porn

So this entry is going to be a food addition to my blog. When is it not...? 

A few days ago I went to Wild Honey again with Millie. Decided to go crazy and try something different on the menu. Plus I was really in the mood for something sweet so I couldn't go for my usual. Instead I went for the Canadian. Such a great idea. A big stack of pancakes with maple syrup and a berry compote (which made it taste like I was eating jam filled doughnuts which is always a good thing) with a side of bacon. It was so yummy. Everything on that menu at Wild Honey is delicious. If anyone is in Singapore and you haven't been to this place, you have to go!

Next on the food entry was this pasta I made for lunch. We had leftover chorizo in the fridge and I remembered this recipe I had found online that I really wanted to try which called for chorizo so I though, perfect!
That's the recipe there (from a great blog - I was going through it a couple of nights ago and just bookmarking every single recipe. They all sound delicious!) 
Instead of feta cheese I crumbled some blue cheese over the top. So creamy and yummy. And along with the chorizo? Oh my god. When my mum came back she was asking what the amazing smell was. And she doesn't even like chorizo! 

Next up is this Asian noodle meal that I had for dinner last night. I can't take credit for it as our maid made it but I have found a recipe similar to it that I have been wanting to try out. Doesn't it just look delicious? It was so fresh and so full of flavour. All Asian dishes are cause they use so much ginger and garlic and soy sauce and fish sauce... and everything amazing basically. If you can't see from the picture, it was noodles with broccoli, green beans, mange touts, peppers and chicken in a soy sauce based sauce. Delicious. 

And finally, this is what I had for dinner last night. Different Coloured Pasta. We came back pretty late from the cinema after seeing Rio 2 (which I would not recommend) and everyone was eating different things. I decided to make different coloured pasta, a traditional Jones family meal. This was my favourite pasta dish that my mum used to make when I was growing up. It still is actually. And it's so easy to make. Bare in mind she puts tomatoes and olives in her's but no one likes olives and I have a thing about whole tomatoes.. I just don't like the texture. Anyway, it's just those different coloured swirls of pasta with some cooked green beans, raw red onion, tuna (just from a can) and this special italian salad dressing (Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing). It is the best sauce in the world. I can't have salad without it. And it is one of the best meals in the world. 
So simple and yet so delicious. 

That's it from me and my food addition to my blog. Hope it inspires some of you to either make these dishes yourself or to go out and find Wild Honey! 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Total Food Day!

Yesterday was a total food day - I was in food heaven. 
I have a select few restaurants that I always want to eat at when I come back to Singapore and I managed to go to both of them yesterday!

First off I went to Wild Honey with my parents for brunch. I normally have the Corsican which is an omelette with feta and goats cheese inside, drizzled with lavender honey, but I decided to branch out this time and I went for the 'I love New York'. It was a great shout. Bagel with cream cheese and scrambled eggs with caramelised onions and smoked salmon. A-mazing. 

Next up was P.S Cafe with the girlies. We also go to the one in Paragon and all three of us [me, Jess and Milie] always end up getting this same past. However, we were at a different P.S Cafe last night [the one in Palais] and they had a slightly different menu which didn't include our pasta! Shock, horrow! I was pretty upset for a while there but I recovered when my meal came. I went for the lasagne. But this wasn't just any lasagne. This was the P.S Cafe 'Lulu's Leftover Lasagne'. [Sound a bit like the M&S food adverts?]

It was so good. It had broccoli and green beans and mange-touts in it with meatballs. It wasn't like a normal lasagne but it totally worked.

And of course, we got some truffle fries to share. I'm not a big fan of truffle oil but oh my goodness. On these fries it is amazing. They are slightly addictive. 

Sorry if this post made everyone hungry but I just had to share my amazing food experience yesterday!