Thursday, 9 April 2015

Latteria Mozzarella Bar! [Singapore]

I really love getting all dressed up and going out to a good bar. But do you know what I love even more? Getting all dressed up and going out to a good MOZZARELLA bar.

Latteria is Singapore's biggest mozzarella bar, offering a huge selection of homemade Italian mozzarella's. It's in Duxton Hill which I had never been to before last week, but it is definitely one of my favourite areas in Singapore now. It has loads of different wine bars and restaurants that all look so good. I'll definitely have to go back there a few times to try and visit them all.

I absolutely love mozzarella, so to have a restaurant dedicated solely to it, is like a dream come true. The menu starts off with a 'mozzarella glossary', describing all the different types of mozzarella. I didn't even know there were that many types, but apparently there are!
The waiter we had was so helpful as well. I wish I could remember his name so I could put it down but unforunately I can't :( He was really helpful with telling us all about the different dishes, and giving us his recommendations. He even said he would get the kitchen to do us this starter of mozzarella wrapped in parma-ham because we couldn't make up our minds about what we wanted. 

 How great does that look? Roasted peppers covered with a layer of parma-ham and then a huge portion of mozzarella on top. It was plenty for the three of us. I was actually pretty full after it and I didn't know if I was going to be able to eat my main course or not. But of course I tried my very hardest....

 I decided to go for the Baked Penne al Telefono, per the advice of the waiter because he said it was one of his favourite dishes. Even though it seems pretty simple cause its just pasta in a tomato and cheese sauce, it is still so delicious. Its so rich and creamy and gooey from all the mozzarella that's in there. I would definitely order this again. I probably wouldn't have a starter again though, just because its mainly just cheese and its so filling that I wasn't able to finish my main course. 

The only downside to this place was that the inside, where we were sitting, was sooo noisy. There must have been something about the way the place was built because you could barely hear each other talk over the sounds of everyone else. It probably didn't help that there was a really loud, annoying group of girls there who were full on shouting at each other. So unnecessary. They have a really nice outside seating area though so I would definitely try and book to sit there next time I go. 

After dinner we decided to walk around the area to find another bar so we could have another glass of wine. There was no shortage of different wineries and bars to choose from. We ended up sitting down at Etna, an Italian restaurant that looked really nice as well. I think the waiter was very confused when he came to take our orders seeing as we just ordered wine and ice-cream... but we'd already eaten! He was very impressed with my 'Italian choice' of a pinot grigio though, so I think that made up for the lack of food that we ordered.
The vanilla ice cream that I had was really good. It didn't taste like your average, store-bought vanilla ice-cream. They definitely made it themselves. It was really light and refreshing with a really pure flavour of vanilla in it. It was the perfect way to end the night - with some ice-cream and wine.

Even if you don't end up going to Latteria, you should definitely make the time to go to Duxton Hill because I can promise you that you will find somewhere there that you'll want to try. I was writing down a list of the different places I was passing on my phone so I can go back and eat at them the next time I go, and I can guarantee that you'll be doing the same!

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Happy Easter everyone!

I love how every family has different traditions for the different events that happen throughout the year. For example, my friend Millie celebrates Easter by going out for champagne brunch and my other friend, Jess, celebrates by going out for Dim sum.
Our family's celebration also has a large orientation around food, but, because of the younger two, the day has a big concentration on the fun things you used to do when you were younger. Liiiike decorating eggs and having an easter egg hunt, and rolling the decorated eggs down a hill.

We started our easter celebrations yesterday when the kids painted and drew on their hard boiled eggs. I was sitting with them whilst they were doing it and showing them pictures from the awwclub  instagram page (just loads of pictures of cute animals). They were laughing hysterically at the pictures of the dogs with funny faces and the squirrels and hamsters with their mouths stuffed full with food.

Then this morning we woke up and went downstairs to see if the easter bunny had come during the night. Surprise, surprise, of course he had!
The kids were running around trying to find all the hidden easter eggs and oh my goodness they got so competitive! Hunting for chocolate is obviously no laughing matter. It was basically like an easter version of The Hunger Games.
The easter bunny obviously thought that I was too old for an easter egg hunt so he/she made it easy for me and just left my egg outside my bedroom door.

Great choice by the easter bunny. Love me some Flake. 

It was off to church after that and it was absolutely packed. Like reaching the 700 people level. It's an old building as well so its all open arch ways with no air-con and only fans way up high for any sort of source of a breeze. As you can imagine, a packed church in Singapore was not the most pleasant environment to be in. I was sweating buckets and using my order of service as a make-shift fan to try and give me any sort of relief from the overbearing heat. But other than that it was a good service.

After a small lunch out, we all went back to the house and the biggies all went for a nap. I honestly think naps are one of the best things ever. I should live in Spain just so that I can parttake in daily siesta's. 
As soon as I woke up I went downstairs to start on my cheesecake. I've posted the recipe before and it was still just as yummy as ever. However it was kind of a fail getting the cake off the bottom of the cake tin and I ended up completely squashing it so it didn't look very appetising at all.... :(
In between making the base of the cheesecake and the filling, we all went outside to watch the kids roll their eggs down the hill in the shared garden area. Kind of upset I didn't get to smash an egg to pieces on the ground but I guess I'm too old for doing that now.... What a let down.

Because of how long the lamb took to cook and the fact that we had to wait for my cheesecake to finish cooking in the oven (plus we had all gone for a nap), we didn't have dinner till about 8. So late! Especially seeing as I normally have dinner at like 5:30 in Glasgow because I get hungry so early.
It was worth waiting for though. We had smoked salmon and cappers and salmon cavier stuffed eggs and they were so yummy. It basically tasted like scrambled eggs with smoked salmon but with an extra kick of salt from the cappers. The highlight of the meal though was the lamb. I looove lamb and I don't actually eat it that much. I'm not a mint sauce and lamb kind of girl though.. don't really see the appeal of mint. Don't like it in drinks either. I do like it in chocolate though which is weird. The roast potatoes were also to die for which is strange because I'm not normally a fan of roast potatoes. I just think they're normally the worst part of a meal so I leave them till the end and then I'm too full to eat them. These ones were really good though. 

All in all, it was a pretty good easter! And I still have a whole chocolate egg to eat and 3 Flake bars! Drool.

How did everyone else spend their Easter? Any family traditions you have? Get any easter eggs? Let me know!